Background Work

Important Announcement

As we return to our regular production schedule this summer, we're excited to share some fantastic news with you.

**We are Moving to a New and Improved Booking Experience!**

At Smyth Casting we are committed to making access to the latest background opportunities as seamless and rewarding as possible.  We have partnered with the exciting new Background Work Platform to service our clients.

 **What's Changing and Why?**

In response to your input, we've been diligently working behind the scenes to elevate your booking experience. We are transitioning from our existing database to a cutting-edge service that will simplify the signup process, making it more streamlined and user-friendly.

Bid farewell to the hassle of repetitive email submissions for each role – your profile will now serve as your personalized hub, complete with pre-uploaded videos, headshots, and easily updatable information.

  **Explore Opportunities, Hassle-Free!**

 Navigate through current opportunities effortlessly, ensuring you never miss a chance that aligns with your unique talents.

 **Introducing Family Profiles**

 For those overseeing multiple performers under one roof, you can now sign up as a family, including your talented kids and manage your profiles collectively.

 **Project History Made Simple**

No more tedious tracking of your projects. Easily keep tabs on your project history, ensuring you get the recognition and compensation you deserve without the added stress.

**Get access to booking information sooner**

Enjoy clearer access to location information so you can make more informed decisions on the opportunities you submit for. Swift access to wardrobe information, will allow you to plan the perfect outfit ahead of your booking -- no more last-minute runs to Value Village!


Is the Smyth Casting Database now called background work?
No. background work is a separate service and company from Smyth Casting.


What if I want to renew my subscription?
Subscriptions to the Smyth Casting Database have been disabled and you will no longer be able to register through All future opportunities will be shared exclusively through background work.


What is happening to the database/mailing list?
We will be completely phasing out the Smyth Casting Database. By the end of the month profile information will be deleted and no longer accessible. Future background opportunities will be shared exclusively through background work.

Email addresses of all current database members will be kept on our mailing list for local updates, news, community events, and workshops. The Smyth Casting team isn’t going anywhere, and we’ll still be here to engage and share with the community. You can still find Smyth Casting on Facebook, Instagram, and on our website.


Do I have to create a new profile on background work?
Yes. Due to privacy regulations, none of your current profile information will be migrated to background work, which is a separate service and company.


I am a union member. Do I still have to pay?
Yes. background work is a casting platform just like Actor’s Access or Casting Workbook where performers, regardless of union status, must pay to register for access to casting calls. background work is a separate service and company, and we do not dictate pricing.


Will there be opportunities outside Ottawa/Gatineau?
Yes! background work is a national service and as it is adopted by more casting directors and producers, opportunities will be available all across the country.


If you have any questions as we transition to this new service, please email us here or at For any questions concerning the sign-up process on background work, you can email their support staff directly via

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